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"PSJ Accountants offers excellent service, friendly advice, and great expertise. Jason's knowledge of the field and genuine interest in our business was evident from day one. I would not hesitate in recommending them to any client, contact, and friend."

Dan Ricardo, Strategy Plus

"I joined PSJ after a recommendation from one of my customers. The service was friendly and tax savings were made almost immediately. For many years I was told that your Accountant will save you more in tax than they cost. For the first time, I can see this happening."

S.N. Stourport

"Dear Jason,

I wanted to send you a big thank you from all of us at EOM Consulting Limited for your recent work with respect to changing our accounting period.

We moved a unique entity to a wholly owned subsidiary, while changing accounting periods and during a period of difficult trading with low turn-over. The complications introduced have been considerable. The sterling work done by yourself and the team, particularly Mark Roberts, in managing the accounts has been invaluable. We are particularly grateful for your work in helping us sort out the implications for EOM Consulting, the holding company and for us personally as the Directors.

I'd be pleased to talk to any potential clients if they would like a client-side view of excellent service you've provided over the last 7 years.

Best regards,"

Oliver and Elizabeth Monk, EOM Consulting Limited

"We moved to PSJ & Co Accountants Ltd in 2003 and they have delivered on everything promised. Friendly and professional, and a genuine interest in our business."

A.B. Birmingham

"I would like to extend sincere thanks to Jason Bromley at PSJ & Co Accountants Ltd for his excellent service and invaluable advice in setting up my accounts and doing my tax return.

As an Assistant Director of BNI, I realised that I was required to submit a tax return and register my expenses with the Inland Revenue. jason took me on board as a client, explained that tax system in laymen's terms (which was just what I needed), and completed my tex return with extreme speed and efficiency.

I was delighted with Jason's personal approach, very friendly and relaxed. I think his added value as an accountant si that he always wants to help people and will go that extra mile for his clients.

I will be retaining Jason's services, because of the excellent and professional service that PSJ & Co Accountants Ltd provides, as well as Jason's personal nature and goodwill as individuals. Therefore, I would highly recommend anyone who is sourcing a new accountant to speak directly to PSJ & Co Accountants.

Thanks Jason!!!"

John Shah, BNI Assistant Director

"I was thoroughly impressed when Jason Bromley of PSJ Accountants telephoned me during his busiest time of year to remind me that we had a long overdue appointment to discuss my tax return.

When I eventually managed to see Jason, this professionalism was prevalen in the way he conducted his business: he was extremely courteous, helpful and knowledgeable, and was swift to resolve all the questions I had, He was also extremely diligent in the notes he made of our meeting, logging the individual names of all the people I had spoken to at the local tax office.

I have since engaged PSJ Accountants to act on my behalf for tax purposes, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking reliable, affordable financial advice."

Steffan Aquarone, Managing Director - Fullrange Media

"I would like to extend sincere thanks to Jason Bromley and his colleagues Andrew Hooper and Martin Asbury at PSJ & Co Accountants Ltd, for an excellent effort in participating in the Tamworth 10k in February 2007, and jointly fundraising a total of £958.55 for bayc.

As a charity working with directly with marginalised young people, bayc faces an ongoing struggle being able to raise sufficient finds to make a difference in the community. Therefore, The dedication and enthusiasm of Jason and his colleagues, is immensily appreciated by us.

I was personally delighted that all three colleagues had such a great amount of fun in fundraising for bayc, and that they all had a positive experience on the day of the run, all managing to finish under the one hour mark.

This combined achievement speaks of volumes for the excellent and professional service that PSJ & Co Accountants Ltd provide, as well as their personal nature and goodwill as individuals. Therefore, I would highly recommend anyone who is sourcing a new accountant to speak directly to PSJ & Co Accountants Ltd .

Thanks Jason!!!"

John Shah, bayc Fundraiser

"Dear Jason,

Innovit is a virtual company providing support sevices to the commercial and education sector across the UK. Last year we doubled our turnover and are on track to doubling it again this year having achieved last year's turnover in just 5 months.

When a business is growing this fast it is crucial that we have accurate management accounts to help us keep control.

PSJ Accountants were appointed in January and have presided over our 2006 year end. This month your furnished us with management accounts for the four months ending in April 2007. This was accomplished in less than 48 hours and I am confident we will be seeing similar turnarounds for the monthly management accounts to come.

By being able to provide timely and accurate management accounts we have been able to secure credit limits with Dell Computers that exceed anything that we could have dreamed of. This has helped our cash flow enormously and ultimately will allow us to grow even stronger in the months and years to come.

I am extremely impressed by your professionalism and the quick turnaround and have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

Yours sincerely,"

Andy Dent, Director - innovit